Tanya in Fairfax:
“Competitive Painters did excellent work, done as estimated and on time.”

Barrett in Annandale:
“Great job. All the work, including patching holes and other prep. work, was done in a professional and speedy manner. The crew worked a average of 10 hours a day with little or no downtime. The owner of the company was on site at least once a day to be sure that I was satisfied with the job. The price was 2/3 of my other bid. I would definetly use them again.”

Jeff in Fairfax:
“They were on time, cleaned up and did a terrific job!”

Peter in Annandale:
“Robert and his crew did an excellent job of preparing and painting the walls and ceiling. They were always courteous, prompt and flexible in making changes we requested after the job started. They stayed until all of the work was completed and even re-hung pictures and other wall hangings for us. Highly recommended.”

Alex in Great Falls:
“Robert and the Competitive Painters team were thorough and professional throughout the life cycle of our project. Following my initial inquiry, they came out to our home to understand our goals, provided realistic mock-ups, designs and then made refinements that helped us to translate the built-in desk and bookshelves that we had envisioned into a tactical plan. As for the build-out and delivery, they were extremely professional and completed the project on time and on budget despite some unexpected challenges in our house (e.g. uneven floors). We have already used them for a follow-on project and would recommend them to anyone. “

Bernie in Arlington:
“I called Competitive Painters because they identified custom cabinet refinishing among their skills. Several companies had terminated discussions when they learned that the cabinets were in the master bathroom. Robert Coulter was not put off by that. He first came to our house to initiate an estimate on 5/6. He reviewed the water overflow damage to the cabinets and took pictures. He also suggested other related work his firm could do in the bathroom to restore the look we wanted. I told him that since I had to replace the toilet in the master bath, I was planning on replacing all 3 in the house with low water flow units. He gave me some good advice on purchasing them and suggested that his firm could install them.

We like a clean modern look. and we could see that Robert understood what we wanted for the bathroom. He came back later in the month with a refacing plan that used wood rather than MDF on the faces, matched the paint and utilized the same hinges and hardware preserving the look of the bath. He and his crew were polite, punctual, friendly and efficient and cleaned up after themselves very well. Robert continued to make helpful suggestions throughout the process.

They installed two of the new low flow toilets in June but due to the floor scheduling the third had to wait until the first week in July. Robert was very patient about the delay.
Since flooring work was already planned [and turned out to be more complex than anticipated ] Robert and his crew were very good about scheduling around the floor work and our needed travel in June. The refacing was beautiful and much more compatible with the bath environment than the previous faces. My wife and I believe it will last much longer now.”